The Ideal Woman


When Germany was defeated in WWII, Hitler and other top officials fled to South America after faking their own deaths. This is commonly thought of as the end of the conflict between the Allies and the Axis powers. Instead, the Nazis went into hiding and their top scientists set out to creating superior weapons in order to enact their retaliation. In the seventh year of weapon development, a new bioweapons division was established, their first project being the creation of the ideal woman. After several failures, they produced Flawlesia. Fitted with cybernetic enhancements and engineered for superior durability, Flawlesia underwent harsh combat training in simulations and had all available information uploaded into her brain. After learning about the wonders of the world, Flawlesia became attached to all that it had to offer and turned against the idea of a violent conflict for control. She ultimately turned against her creators who then deemed her a failed project and tried to terminate her. The ensuing struggle resulted in the facilities being destroyed beyond salvation and only a small number of Nazi officials surviving. She now roams the world with her companion Yenedict, a fellow bioweapon looking to experience the world she learned about firsthand. She also eliminates whatever she encounters and identifies as a threat to the beauty of the world.


Extreme durability (capable of withstanding all known forms of modern weaponry); superhuman strength; superhuman intelligence; excellent combat skills; superior tactics/decision-making; hypersensitive sensory organs; primarily uses her minigun and rocket launcher but has mastery of all known weapons; spider-like cybernetics made of strongium, the strongest metal known to man, that offer superior agility and the ability to scale walls; skin capable of changing color for camouflage; hands capable of generating flames that burn only organic compounds


Extremely attached to Yenedict; no ranged options if separated from weapons; difficult to fit through doorways; cybernetic enhancements susceptible to EMP and similar attacks aimed at electronics


Horse with cybernetic enhancements; capable of supersonic speeds; wields the Myst Blade 3.0, a sword enhanced with nanotech that is capable of cutting through any material.